Restore 500 mg CBD Hemp tincture
Restore 500 mg CBD Hemp tincture
Restore 500 mg CBD Hemp tincture

Restore 500 mg CBD Hemp tincture

  • Restore Formula
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Altrufuel's Restore 500 mg full spectrum hemp extract Blend is one of the most powerful Natural Supplements on the Market. With a delicious ACAI flavor our anti Oxidant blend combines Reservatrol, Black Cumin Seed, Ashwaghanda, Camu Camu, D-ribose and Beet Root to aid with stress relief, anxiety, inflammation, Pain management and relaxation. Made from the finest Commercial Hemp grown in the United States. Our All-Natural Process increases the bioavailability to 90%.

Our CBD OIL is sourced From Colorado and is infused with a super food blend of ingredients

  • Made in USA
  • SUGGESTED USE: We recommend One full dropper = 30 mg CBD.
  • No THC. There is absolutely No pyschoactive effects
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 Expect to feel a relaxing state(less stressed or anxious) as well as mood, overall well being and relief from joint pain and sore muscles


Weight management and fat loss. Helps body retain muscle mass and strength. Better brain and memory function. Reduces fats and triglycerides in blood.


Rich in vitamins and minerals. Can help lower blood pressure and fight inflammation. Can improve digestive health.


A key component of black Cumin oil is thymoquinone, a compound with antioxidant properties.


Extremely potent antioxidant. Can help lower blood fats. Can lengthen life span and prevent disease. Can help prevent cancer.


A natural carbon five sugar broken down in the body naturally to help you replenish and restore your atp production for energy!


An adaptogen that helps the body manage stress. Can reduce blood sugars. Reduces fat storage.


Can assist the healing process of burns, wounds, and bruises. Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis.