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A perfect match to swipe-right: CBD and Meditation

Focus on breath or mindfulness and bring awareness into the present moment.  Clearing the mind is no easy task, however, and neither is giving your attention to one thing at a time. Such a mental exercise requires cultivating a specific concentration, which may make meditation sound all the more daunting or difficult, ironic as that may be. However, research has shown that consistently making time to incorporate meditation into your routine can yield a handful of positive effects, just like CBD! *yes*   If you are facing any mental resistance and feel overwhelmed about embracing meditation, introducing CBD into your approach may help the practice to be less burdensome. After all, given that meditation is all about calming the mind, integrating...

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The Benefits of CBD For Athletes

  Hands down, CBD is athletes new go-to for post-workout recovery. How come? Credibility.   CBD (short for “cannabidiol”) doesn’t have the the psychoactive component of marijuana (THC), so it appeals to a range of folks who either don’t want to get high or are meticulous about what they put in their body.   Not only has CBD gotten the World Health Organization’s stamp of approval (AKA they recently reported that CBD has little to no negative side effects,  but it won’t pop up on a drug test—in January of 2018 the World Doping Organization removed it from the list of banned substances. *Insert a collective sigh of relief from competitors everywhere*.   On top of that, the herbal remedy...

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