CBD for Gamers: how it works!

Could CBD Take THC’s Place as a Gamer’s Best Friend?

The very best video games suck you into the world of fantasy, and you can spend hours fighting computer generated enemies. You need fast reflexes, excellent concentration, and good situational awareness to succeed. However, after a few hours, it is normal for one, if not all, of these traits to dissipate and negatively impact your performance. For ESL players, this is a disaster that costs them a chance at the big prize.

Now that marijuana isn’t allowed at ESL tournaments, what’s a pro gamer to do? Instead of getting tuned on THC, they could try cannabidiol, better known as CBD. It is the most abundant non-intoxicating compound in the cannabis sativa plant. It's available on this section of our website: here.

Therefore, gamers can use CBD to their heart’s content during any gaming tournament, safe in the knowledge that they won’t fail a drugs test. The marijuana screenings look for THC metabolites. Since your system won’t have any when you consume CBD, you will pass the test. Can CBD provide gamers with a similar advantage to THC?

When you consume the compound, it interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD stimulates the brain’s receptors, and when your body isn’t functioning properly, CBD provides a helping hand.

Picture the scene: You are locked in combat with a fellow gaming pro with thousands of dollars at stake. At this point, emotions are running high, and your body’s neurotransmitters are in a chaotic mood. When you allow your emotions to get the better of you, performance suffers. If you use CBD; however, your brain avoids the chaos, and as a result, you stay nice and calm.

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How CBD Keeps You in The Game

You could have the best hand-eye coordination in the world along with catlike reflexes, but it will all count for nothing if you can’t remain calm during the game. Anyone who has ever played a video game has run into trouble at some point. Whether it is a fiendishly difficult boss or else you’re stuck with a crappy team, it is only natural to want to fling your controller through the screen.

CBD is believed to be a mood regulator, so when you consume it before playing; it can help keep you calm and prevent emotion from ruining your performance. When your brain is about to become overstimulated, CBD recognizes the situation and sends endocannabinoids out to calm down your cells.

Have you ever been in a mass multiplayer game where there are about a dozen other players and scores of bad guys on the screen simultaneously? It can be too much for some gamers who fall apart under pressure. CBD could help calm your nerves. Once you are relaxed, it gets easier to make the right decisions that get you or your team out of a real mess.

In certain strategy games, you need to know where and when to use special items. If you blow your load at the wrong time, you’ll have nothing left for when you really need it. Once again, CBD’s potential ability to regulate your neurotransmitters comes to the rescue. As a result, your brain has more time to think, and this process prevents you from making silly, impulsive decisions.

Final Thoughts on Video Games & CBD

eSport is an industry set to exceed the $1 billion mark in revenues either this year or next, and the CBD oil market has already reached that lofty goal.

Professional gamers are constantly seeking to get an edge; hardly a surprise when you see the prizes on offer. Now that marijuana use is strictly illegal during competitions, gamers have turned to CBD in the hope that the cannabinoid doesn’t show up in a drug screening. It appears as if CBD improves cognitive response, which is a major plus if you are a gamer.

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Even if you don’t fancy entering an ESL tournament, you may find that cannabidiol keeps you relaxed during potentially stressful situations; both in video games and in real life. With a clear mind, it is amazing how your brain finds new ways to get past problems that previously caused you real torment.

Of course, the benefits of our Fuel CBD go way beyond video games. It is used to treat medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and epilepsy.

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