The Benefits of CBD For Athletes


Hands down, CBD is athletes new go-to for post-workout recovery. How come? Credibility.


CBD (short for “cannabidiol”) doesn’t have the the psychoactive component of marijuana (THC), so it appeals to a range of folks who either don’t want to get high or are meticulous about what they put in their body.


Not only has CBD gotten the World Health Organization’s stamp of approval (AKA they recently reported that CBD has little to no negative side effects,  but it won’t pop up on a drug test—in January of 2018 the World Doping Organization removed it from the list of banned substances. *Insert a collective sigh of relief from competitors everywhere*.


On top of that, the herbal remedy packs some benefits that are seriously advantageous for athletes. If you’re a CBD rookie and want to get off the proverbial CBD bench, don’t worry. Below, we’ve rounded up 4 of the benefits of using CBD as an athlete.


Reduced inflammation

As you probably know, every time you work out you’re creating microscopic tears to your muscles. This inflammatory response triggers the body to repair the muscles, which allows them to grow back stronger. So while *some* inflammation is necessary for gains, too much inflammation can halt recovery and keep you sidelined. That’s is why after strenuous exercise, some athletes incorporate anti-inflammatory protocols like drinking tart cherry juice, taking epsom salt baths, or doing cryotherapy into their recovery routine.


CBD is a new way to curb inflammation in the body. In addition to being a proven way to fight inflammation, athletes like Altrufuel founder, Ian Berger, anecdotally report that it helps him recovery faster, “Leading up to the 2018 Crossfit games I introduced CBD-collagen powder into my training supplementation and my muscles and joints have never felt better or recovered quicker.”


Altrufuel Collagen + CBD blend combines 20 mg of the anti-inflammatory goodness of CBD with 20 grams of collagen which in addition to also being an anti-inflammatory, has also been shown to boost strength, and improve mobility.  #winning


Decreased muscle soreness

Popping ibuprofen is a common pre- or post- workout ritual for athletes. But for those who don’t like to use NSAIDs—which have  been linked to increased risk of heart attack or stroke—or prescription pain medication, CBD offers a natural, non-addictive, alternative. Thanks to its analgesic effect (and ability to treat generalized chronic pain), CBD may reduce post-workout muscle fatigue and even reduce the duration of delayed-onset-muscle-soreness.


It’s simple math: the less sore you are, the quicker you’ll be able to return to training with intensity—which in the long run translates into more improvement at a faster rate.


Reduced competition stress

People mainly look to CBD for stress-relief, and for good reason: study after study has found that CBD is effective at relieving symptoms of anxiety. Performance-anxiety, is one thing many athletes know all too well. Luckily, adding CBD to your wellness routine may help ease game-day nerves and pre-competition stress.


Lessened joint pain

If you have creaky joints, your gym bag is probably stuffed with knee-sleeves, elbow sleeves, and wrist wraps, but it’s time to toss add CBD to the mix. Research has shown that CBD reduces arthritis-related pain and inflammation.

 By Gabrielle Kassel 

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